Climate change summit simulation

Climate change is a global problem that affects every country in the world. If we want to be more environmentally sustainable, countries must think about environmental goals to mitigate, restore and adapt to climate change. This UN

Índice de Lincoln

Students of 1º  IB  have carried out simulations to estimate population sizes of mobile organisms through the Lincoln Index, and calculate the biodiversity indices of two ecosystems (Simpson Index) based on the richness of species

Visita UPNA

Parte de nuestro alumnado de 2 Bachillerato en su visita a la Universidad Pública de Navarra para conocer sus instalaciones y todos los grados que ofrece.

Visita UPNA

Nuestros chicos y chicas de 1 Bachillerato visitaron la Universidad Pública de Navarra, recorrieron las instalaciones y conocieron todas las posibilidades que les ofrece el mundo universitario.