Plant and animal cells

Over the last two months, we have been studying the non-living things and the living things in natural science.

All living things are made up of cells and they are very important, although you only can see them with a special tool, the microscope!

Cells have got several structures, characteristics and singularities that we have been discovered for the last few weeks.

Cells are composed of different organelles and components.

In our classes, we have been studying plant and animal cells. They have vacuoles, nucleus, cytoplasm and cell membrane in common.

However, only the plant cells have got chloroplast which helps the plant to make their own food and a cell wall which provides the plants support and structure.

In order to understand these little differences, their specific functions and the tiny organelles, our pupils have built two examples of cells using different materials.

The result… look and find out!

Plant and animal cells